Welcome to Reception

Our current topic is: Are celebrations all the same?


This Term our learning is centred around the question, Where does the day go at night?

First we will be looking at Stars, the Sun and the Moon linking this to day and night.  The children will learn about Chinese New Year and do some food tasting.

Our focus books this term will be How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers.


This week (week ending 25th January 2019) 

Maths: In maths we will be looking at comparing three objects by their height and sorting them from the shortest to the tallest.

English: We will be learning about the story of How to catch a star and retelling it orally. The children will be drawing the main character from the story and labelling their drawing.

Phonics: We will be learning and recapping some phonemes from Phase 3.

Key words: I, it, is, in, at, as, no, go, his, him, of, dad, mum, up, can, had, back, off

New key words:   he,she,we,me,be

Understanding the world: We will be looking at why Christians celebrate Shrove Tuesday.  The children will be investigating using different materials how light changes.  They will also learn about how the Earth rotates around the Sun, resulting in day and night.

Personal, Social and Emotional: The children will be learning about how to keep following the Greenie Rules.  There will be discussion on how to resolve conflict and how they have progressed in their learning since starting school.

Expressive Arts and Design: We will be doing some weaving, cutting and shading with different media.

Physical Development: This term we will be doing Fundamental movements and Dance.


Reading: Please read with your child daily and write in their reading record. Reading books will be changed weekly.  

Key words: Phonemes and Key words are essential in supporting your child to read, please practice them often.

Next Termour learning will be centred around the question, What makes Spring marvellous?